November 14, 2017


Practice makes perfect?

Practice reduces the imperfection:

Work =reward =more work = more reward= passion for practice = reward and confidence =perfection!


When you are passionate- Practice is not difficult


What happens if you don't get...

December 3, 2016

What you should look for when searching for an excellent teacher?

Ask yourself,  “What am I looking for?”



C.Possibilities for the future?

D.Education on all levels for your child or yourself?

If you are searching for exceptional possibilities for the future...

NO ONE as far as I know has ever actually dealt with tone in writing, other than perhaps a few sentences in the front of some method book!

I was smiling all the way through it because you were able to communicate to the reader in a very effective manner about something...

November 21, 2015

Das Buch "Thinking Tone" von Eva Wasserman-Margolis geht Hand in Hand mit dem exzellenten Übungsheft "Time for Tone".


"Thinking Tone" erklärt in einfacher Sprache wie Musiker jeden Niveaus ein Bewusstsein für Klang entwickeln können und wieso es sich so sehr lohnt....

July 31, 2015

 I thoroughly enjoyed reading "Thinking Tone" as its eloquent prose challenges readers to think about tone and tone production in new ways. The illustrations of the tonal center and its evolution really hit the mark and are the perfect diagrams to show how the process...