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My new composition: Children Of The Tribes

In this recital, clarinetist Elizabeth Crawford will give its premiere at Ball State University. It is for solo B-flat or E-flat clarinet. It is my most serious solo piece written since 2000. The title comes from a book for children I have been trying to finish since 2014. This piece is written on two motifs that were composed at different times during the first year of each of my grandchildren's lives. Their births were a great inspiration to my music. I have incorporated them into this piece. This solo piece and my soon-to-be-published book are the most important messages I can send to humanity. It is a reflection of my age, experiences, and love for the CHILD. It is my pathway to hearing their small voices. I believe if there is peace in the home, there will be peace everywhere. The music will be available on this site after this date.

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