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Robert Spring

Robert Spring

Christine Carter

Christine Carter

Jozsef Balogh

Jozsef Balogh

Philippe Cuper

Philippe Cuper


"It is not often that you meet a master teacher of the calibre of Eva Wasserman.  She is one of the true, basics teacher in the world!  Her students are all artists on the instrument.  Their control over the instrument allows them total musical freedom.  Her students have become artist performers world-wide and her knowledge of repertoire and teaching techniques make her an “artist/teacher. She is truly amazing."


-- Dr. Robert S. Spring, (Clarinet)

Honors Faculty, Barrett, the Honors CollegeArizona State UniversityTempe

Past President, International Clarinet Association

"I first met Eva Wasserman in November 2009 in Domžale near Ljubljana, where we were attending a 3-day seminar for clarinet professors from Slovenia. The seminar was held at the Music school of Domžale and saw the participation of students from numerous Slovenian music schools, ranging from primary to secondary (Conservatory) and the Academy of Music. Each candidate prepared a 30 – 45 min programme which was then performed for the audience of professors and Eva in the auditorium.

In Slovenia such trainings and educational seminars for professors and students have been present for some time, so we’ve had the opportunity to host and be taught by many renowned clarinettists, among which J. Balogh, R.Spring, L. Beltramini, S.Osborn, R. Riseling, etc.


I would like to mention that on most seminars the emphasis was on the playing technique itself, i.e. diaphragmatic breathing, tonguing, hand and fingers positioning, etc. As other professors before her, Eva also addressed these issues with a great deal of knowledge and professional experience.

What I noticed and found most distinguishing in her teaching was the way she approached and communicated with the students. She tried to calm the student and convince him/her there was no reason for being nervous whilst playing, as this has a negative effect on the sound of the instrument, the tonguing, ligatures, phrasing and sound warmth. I can easily say she established a friendly, almost “maternal” contact with the students, especially with the beginners.


We’ve remained in touch over the years and I still feel the same warmth and human touch today. Bravo Eva!"


-- Robert Stanič, clarinet professor

Primary music school Piran


"Eva Wasserman is a great musician and experienced teacher. She is very passionate about teaching and committed to the growth of her students. Eva motivated and inspired me to research and play original music. Apart from being a great teacher Eva is also a terrific composer. While studying with her, I had the pleasure to perform her pieces “Generation of Hope” and “Odd to Odessa”. It was a very challenging and exciting experience, especially considering it was my first experience performing contemporary music."

-Hila Zamir 

"Eva Wasserman-Margolis was my first and most significant clarinet teacher. 

She encouraged my love of the clarinet and to music in general and gave me tools to express myself through the instrument with huge amounts of dedication and what I would call a loving-strictness.  
Not only she is a great pedagogue, her own musical passion, interest and active approach caught on to her students. 

I consider myself extremely lucky to be able to do what I love most for living! Without Eva this wouldn't have been possible."

-Gil Shaked-Agababa / Clarinetist


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