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The Children of the Tribes- 12 short stories for children. Coming soon on hardcover by IngramSpark.

Review by Dr. Ronald Combs Retired from:

Northeastern Illinois University

"I read your book yesterday. It is a beautiful book. You describe people in a world as it ought to be, and as you write about it, it suddenly seems to me that somehow, someday, it might come to exist.

Your syntax is simple, clean, and focused. There are no annoying anachronisms or modernisms. Your children are real children: honest, striving to do better, and unashamed of their normal childhood wishes and dreams. If parents and children all over the world related to one another as yours do, the troubles we have would completely vanish away."

Please share with all you care. If leaders spoke more about children, we would not have to spend money on all our problems in the world! They would grow up and be great leaders! "It's about changing hearts not behavior".

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