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Eva Wasserman- Margolis was born on the island of Key West in the Florida Keys. There her inspiration to sing began, outside her parent’s garden, on a small street called Laird. Her parents were her greatest inspiration. Her father, a concentration camp survivor, and her mother who was born in India, came to meet each other in The United States of America to make a home for their fledgling family.


In 1980 Eva received her Master's Degree in Music Performance at the University of Illinois, and in the same year secured the position of Principal Clarinet with the Haifa Symphony in Israel.


THINKING TONE -  (English)

This book is the culmination of the basis from A-Z to understanding the secrets of the production of sound and what it takes to become the best musician that you can be through knowledge and hard work.


It simply shows that talent is not only a magic word!





A big  hello and a warm welcome to all my visitors! With my upcoming new publication Thinking Tone, I decided it was time to open my own website in order to share with those interested, my years of teaching experience. (Above:former student Michal Beit Ha- Lachmi)


Personal, Private and Productive is my motto.

I want to be a guide for the clarinetist who wants to play and make music.


"Those who can do, those who can’t teach”  they say, but  there are the exceptional chosen few who can and do, do both.

In the clarinet world, Eva is that consummate artist, life changing and enhancing teacher.

We who were blessed to study with her have also learned to listen and hear in a different way. I am excitedly looking forward to her new book with love and admiration."


-- Jill Cashman, NY

"Eva is one of few mentors who can really teach the artistry of the clarinet.

She made me fall in love with the instrument, by planting the seeds for perfect clarinet playing, beautiful tone and true musicianship, which she nurtured over the years with great care, love, sincerity and enormous belief in me.

Eva is my inspiration for colorful clarinet sound, healthy clarinet pedagogy, integrity and taseful musicality."


-- Nurit Blum

Early Clarinet specialist and clarinet teacher at Neve Sharet and Givatayim conservatories, Israel.

"Eva is simply a national treasure"

 Former Principal Clarinetist of the Cleveland Symphony

-- Franklin Cohen

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