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A big  hello and a warm welcome to all my visitors!  With my upcoming new publication Thinking Tone, I decided it was time to open my own website in order to share with those interested, my years of teaching experience. Personal, Private and Productive is my motto. I want to be a guide for the clarinetist who wants to play and make music.


If you should reserve a lesson with me, you may not only be interested in a lesson, you may have questions related to many other subjects related to the clarinet. It could be about teaching, correcting reeds, how to choose an instrument or mouthpiece, finding and studying rare music, alternative medicine, questions about nutrition, or stress caused by performance. You may want to learn how to use my books or play my compositions too. You just may need a study guide custom to fit your needs and challenges.


I can teach in English or Hebrew. You are also welcome to have a translator enter our lesson.

Your name or email WILL never given to anyone. My reputation and my privacy are important to me. I respect your privacy as well.


Buy a gift of a lesson for you, for a family member or friend. A lesson with me may change your destiny. When I was 18, that is what happened to me. Robert Crowley, former principal clarinetist from the Montréal Symphony, inspired me to become a performer. I had only two lessons with him. He believed in me.  I went from being a premed student to becoming a musician. It was life changing.


Feel free to find the time to meet me online.


Thank you,



  • 20 minutes $25.00
  • 45 minutes $90.00
  • 60 minutes $ 120.00
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