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In Search of Perfection

What you should look for when searching for an excellent teacher?

Ask yourself, “What am I looking for?”



C.Possibilities for the future?

D.Education on all levels for your child or yourself?

If you are searching for exceptional possibilities for the future, then read on!

1. Find out where the educator works.

2. Find out what his or her background is.

3. Ask about his/her philosophies on teaching and music.

4. Go to a concert where his/her students perform and see if their playing suits your style and needs.

5. Find out if this educator has produced students that have gone on to become professionals in teaching or in the field of music.

6. Don't just go by word-of-mouth. Some players can be exceptional, but unfortunately, not great pedagogues.

7 .Look for experience, culture and the knowledge that the educator embodies, and make sure that he/she is constantly expanding his/her horizons.

9. Don't solely, however, depend exclusively on your instincts or marketing. Certainly not in today's world. Remember that you or your family member(s) may be spending years with this instructor. He/she will have a great influence on a student, your child, for years to come.


The teacher, instructor or professor must be able to teach basic fundamentals well, be compassionate, while loving and strict at the same time. Such a recipe is unique and will enhance your chances to become successful and proficient.

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