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EVA: A concert and performance by Spanish Clarinetist Cecilia Serra Bargallo, author of VOCALISE.

Updated: Dec 21, 2021

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Clarinetist Cecilia Serra Bargallo was looking for a new idea for a musical encounter and decided that the following compositions made sense in regards to creation, women, life, and nature. "Eva" is the name of the first woman, an actual symbol of creation, life, and women and it is also your name! The concert will also have images projected on screens in this production."

The works to be performed are:

My works: Creating, Created, Creation

The Whispering Child

The Generation Of Hope

The Children of the Tribes (played on E-flat clarinet)

Composer Jenni Brandon

Chansons de la nature pour la clarinette:

Les Oiseaux-Le Poisson-Le Papillion-La Lievre et la tortue-Letoile-Dansez-Le Serpent

Composer Kristen Denny-Chambers

2021-Proceed with Caution

Soon to be included:

Composer Monica Cardenas

Peru "Dunas"

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