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This is the last call to participate. My GOFUNDME pre-book sales project! The Children of the Tribes

Do you want a book for your kids, grandkids, or friends kids that could change their path in life? Do you want to be a storyteller to them and use this book to better bond with them? Here is your chance to help me publish while receiving an ebook or softcover.

. There are other options as well. Please share!

In the book' The Children of the Tribes, there are 12 different stories told by 12 different children who bring this book alive. You the narrator will be their voice! Here is one of the illustrations from the book.

These children who are wiser than their years come back from long ago to share their world with yours.

NEW NEWS is that my composition with the same name has been published on a CD. The Clarinetist is Dr. Elizabeth Crawford. It was commissioned by her and it is for E-flat or B-flat clarinet. The CD can be ordered with my book. It will be a beautiful addition to anybody's music library. I hope both her CD and my book will touch the hearts and minds of children and parents around the globe.

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